Moamen Ghanem

Chief Financial Officer

Years in the Industry:

10 Years

Years at El Watanyaa:

7 Years

As the Chief Financial Officer, Moamen Ghanem is responsible for all financial operations within the El Watanyaa group of companies. Moamen leads El Watanyaa’s Finance Office, a team that includes senior executive management and company leaders. Before becoming CFO, Moamen held the position of Deputy CFO, and prior to that, he was the Financial Manager for Egypt operations.

Moamen joined El Watanyaa in 2017 as an Assistant Financial Manager. After several assignments in projects across different parts of Egypt, he settled in Cairo as the Financial Manager for projects in 2018. He was appointed Financial Manager for Egypt operations in 2020 and Deputy CFO in 2022.

With over 10 years of experience in the financial field, including seven years at El Watanyaa, Moamen possesses a wealth of knowledge about both El Watanyaa and the financial sector. His relentless focus on El Watanyaa’s future, along with his support and development of our team, showcases his leadership mindset and commitment to building a sustainable financial legacy.